$1.72 $2.41 $1.9 $3.1

Cost per click by countries

We know that the Cost Per Click or CPC rate differs by country, advertisers don’t pay equally for all countries, some countries have a higher CPC rate than the others. Cost Per Click doesn’t carry a fixed rate though, but we can consider the average CPC by country.

What is the Cost Per Click or CPC? Cost Per Click refers to how much advertisers pay for a click-through of their ads. CPC is very important because it'll determine the financial success especially if you are a publisher/advertiser of these advertising networks.

Let’s know, which countries have the highest CPC rate and which countries have the lowest. The comparative CPC rate data can help you to understand advertising costs/earnings.

Average Cost Per Click (CPC) by Country

Here's the geographical map for the average CPC rate by a country:

cost per click map

As an advertiser, you have to pay more if a visitor click-through your ads from the red-colored countries.

And here’s the chart of the countries represented on the map, chart ordered by the highest average cost per click to the lowest average cost per click, compared to the US average CPC (100%) which is between $1 and $2 on the Google Search for a high volume keyword.

Average CPC Countries
110 – 101 % United Arab Emirates
100 – 096 % Austria, United States
095 – 091 % Australia, Brazil
090 – 086 % New Zealand, United Kingdom
085 – 081 % Canada, Chile
080 – 076 % Italy, Switzerland
075 – 071 % Germany, Turkey
070 – 066 % Finland, Jamaica, Norway
065 – 061 % Dominican Republic, Ireland
060 – 056 % Greece, Iceland, Portugal
055 – 051 % Japan, Lebanon, Spain, Sweden
050 – 046 % Armenia, Cambodia, Israel, Mexico, South Africa
045 – 041 % Algeria, Belize, Denmark, Nepal, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand
040 – 036 % Croatia, France, Indonesia, Macedonia, Nicaragua, Oman, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago
035 – 031 % Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Panama, Romania, Uganda
030 – 026 % Albania, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Peru, South Korea, Tunisia, Zimbabwe
025 – 021 % Argentina, Bahamas, Bangladesh, India, Hungary, Morocco, Philippines, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Vietnam
020 – 016 % Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Namibia, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Russia
015 – 011 % Bahrain, China, Guyana, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Tanzania, Venezuela
010 – 006 % Liberia, Moldova, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Others (limited data)!

Percentages calculated compared to the US CPC (100%). Suppose, cost per click in the US for a specific keyword is 2$, then it would be 0.8$ in France (40%) for the same keyword. Unfortunately, some countries (like Kenya) are missing from this list because we don’t have data for these countries.